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Recent News Upcoming Shows/Exhibits
  • 25th Anniversary Show
    The Artists Gallery
    608 Norfolk Avenue
    Virginia Beach, VA 23451
    April 4 - May 4, 2014
  • Garden Show
    Beach Gallery
    313 Laskin Road
    Virginia Beach, VA 23451
    April 12 - May 17, 2014
  • "A Brush with Nature"
    Recent Work by Kay Hofler and Jean Rawls
    The Sandler Center
    Town Center
    Virginia Beach VA 23452
    September - October, 2014
Artists' Statement

Even the most minute things in nature can have a sense of monumentality. Nature is the ultimate design source where a perfectly ordered world is always moving and changing. It it this sense of monumentality and movement that I try to capture in my paintings of nature.

I also feel an overwhelming sense of man's insignificance in this vast universe. It is always a struggle to comprehend the magnitude and wonder of nature. Creating art, for me, is a way of coming in touch with the mysticism of nature and to fulfill a kind of spiritual need that is a very important of human existence.

Particularly inspiring to me are succulents. They spring forth from a central core, each stem wrapping and enfolding the other, yet each with an independent sense of fleshy form. These plants have a sensual quality that is especially appealing to me and one that I attempt to capture in my close-up views of plants and flowers.


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